Wednesday, 18 March 2009

South Leeds Renewal Oil on Canvas 2x5feet 500.00
This work was inspired by the new look style architecture found in central Leeds, the repetition of line, shape and colours are applied in a meditative and musical fashion. The absent population and overt celebration of architectural form produces both a modern and alien environment. Modern technology advancements and the dwindling powers of man may be found in this work...but also an optimist's utopian workplace.
Briggate Night Moves Oil on Board 2x4feet 450.00
The night time atmosphere in a deserted precinct in the centre of Leeds. The atmosphere is both inviting and menacing, a seedy time capsule where the ambience of night and the golden neons are seductive and threatening ....and all too very inviting.

Yorkshire Bank Sketch Oil on Canvas 28x36ins. 250.00
Early stages of a Leeds painting using photography and memories to give a sense of place. I find myself attracted to the symmetry and childlike construction and the excessive use of red bricks in many of the new building growing out of early 1980s Leeds. Being a child of Leeds from that period and living very close to the centre of the city ( just over Crown Point Bridge near Tetley's brewery), I was lucky enough to be free to walk into the city from as early as I can remember and I took a great deal in both socially and visually...some of these experiences have determined subconciously my stylization in artmaking...the harsh lines !

Man's Intervention I Oil and Acrylic on Board 8x4feet 650.00

Man's Interventin II Oil and Acrylic on Board 8x4feet 650.00

Leeds City Square : Collisions Oil on canvas 3x3feet 400.00
Leeds Melancholia Oil on Canvas 2x4 feet 350.00

Leeds Six 1996 Mixe Media 3x4feet 350.00

Man's Intervention Oil and Acrylic on Board 8x4feet 650.00

' Work In Progress ' Leeds Series 2008/09

Tempus Fugit Oil on Canvas 4x3feet 500.00
Out With The Old..... Linoleum 18x30ins. 275.00